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I’ve been a psychologist for 30 years and specialize in treating accomplished professionals who look fine to those on the outside but are anxious or depressed on the inside.  Most of the people I work with are in healthcare delivery or management and have invested their hearts and souls in their careers.  Many could be described as driven perfectionists who derive much of their personal identity from their professional roles.

I’m older than you.  At this point in my own career I have been nurturing a highly specialized area of practice, working with early career dentists, most are women in a still male-dominated field. In my experience, dentists are most likely to need support at the beginning of their careers.  I like working with dentists because they are unique people doing important work and, by making a difference early in your career, I can impact the lives of others because of your success.  

I grew up in southern CA and went to the University of California as an undergrad and then the University of Cincinnati for grad school.   I have lived in Cincinnati, Chicago, and now in Maine where I get to access tremendous natural beauty every day.  I work via telehealth with clients residing in several different states across the USA.  Research conducted during the COVID pandemic illustrated that online therapy is indeed effective.  I have found that busy professionals value the discretion and the scheduling flexibility of this approach.  

I’m licensed in Maine and now have a specialized credential under PSYPACT to work online with residents of the following states:  Alabama - Arizona - Arkansas - Colorado - Connecticut -  Delaware - District of Columbia - Georgia - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Kansas - Kentucky - Maine - Maryland - Michigan - Minnesota - Missouri - Nebraska - Nevada - New Hampshire- New Jersey -  North Carolina - Ohio - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - Tennessee -  Texas - Utah - Virginia - Washington -  West Virginia - Wisconsin - Wyoming.   Rhode Island and Florida are  expected to be included in the summer of 2023.

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