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I have been a psychologist for 30 years.  I trained in Ohio and was licensed initially in Illinois, then in Maine.  Now, with the addition of a PSYPACT credential, I have the opportunity to work with clients in over 30 different states.  

While raising my family, I left clinical practice twice to work for a large, Fortune 500 company at the Vice President level.  You might say that I've had one foot planted in the therapy room and the other in the middle of corporate dynamics.  If you are a working in a large organization of any kind, I get it.  There is a price paid for your success that may not be visible to others.  I am also very familiar with the self-doubt that can manifest as 'imposter syndrome'.

Early in my career I was intrigued by relationships between humans' psychological and physical selves.  As a clinical health psychologist in a university hospital, my clients were trying to make sense of what was happening to them medically.  They faced existential issues that elicited anxiety, fear, dread, and sometimes grief.  In therapy we worked to individualize anxiety and depression management approaches so that life was rich and satisfying.   

When any of us achieves clarity about the unpredictability of our human lives (whether we want to know this or not),  it does become obvious that life actually only exists in the present.  Looking behind with regret or too far ahead with apprehension doesn't serve us well.  The present is the only place where we can change course and understand ourselves differently.  Usually we arrive at this point after a number of bumps along the way.

I rely primarily upon cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and attachment theory to support patients in healing and making life changes.  I enjoy working with clients in the "here and now" of their adult lives. 

I grew up in southern California with a deep love of the ocean.  While working with therapy clients to help them pursue their goals, I decided to follow my own guidance and relocated to live on the beautiful, southern coast of Maine.  I've lived in huge cities and small towns, but connecting with people from all over the United States is a new geography that is the most gratifying of all.

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